Blockchain 2019 July 14 - July 17, 2019
Sunday 7/14/2019 
08:00-16:00 Registration (in front of Room Georgia 1)  
AIChain Workshop Program (Atlanta 1)
Session Chair: Oshani Seneviratne (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)
9:00-9:10 Opening Remarks Oshani Seneviratne
9:10-9:35 Decentralized & Collaborative AI on Blockchain Platforms Justin D. Harris
9:35-10:00 A Reputation Management Framework for Knowledge-Based and Probabilistic Blockchains Tara Salman
10:00-10:25 Account Recovery in Decentralized Applications Yanlin Zhu
10:25-10:35 Coffee Break  
10:35-11:00 Private Group Communication in Blockchain Based on Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange Yoohwan Kim
11:00-11:25 Decentralized Energy Forecasting Markets using Distributed Ledger Technology Umit Cali
11:25-11:50 Blockchain-based Real Estate market: one method for applying Blockchain technology in Commercial Real Estate Market Sobhan Latifi
11:50-12:00 Workshop summary and Wrap-up Oshani Seneviratne
LightChain 2019 (Atlanta 2)
9:00-9:05 Welcome Sachin Shetty
9:05-10:15 Keynote Talk: How Secure are Blockchain Systems? Aziz Mohaisen
10:30-12:30 Session #1 Sachin Shetty
12:30-13:30 Lunch  
13:30-15:30 Session #2 Yu Chen
15:30-15:35 Close Remark Yu Chen
18:00-20:30 Reception  
Session #1 
Session Chair: Sachin Shetty (Old Dominion University)
1. Performance Analysis of a Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain Framework: Throughput, Latency and Scalability Murat Kuzlu; M. Pipattanasomporn; Levent Gurses; Saifur Rahman
2. Air Gapped Wallet Schemes and Private Key Leakage in Permissioned Blockchain Platforms Amanda Davenport; Sachin Shetty
3. Blockchain Implementation for Analysis of Carbon Footprint across Food Supply Chain Denisolt Shakhbulatov, Arshit Arora, Ziqian Dong; Roberto Rojas-Cessa
4. Lightweight Blockchain-based Privacy Protection for Smart Surveillance at the Edge Alem Fitwi and Yu Chen; Sencun Zhu
Session #2 
Session Chair: Yu Chen (Binghamton University - SUNY)
1. Formal Verification of Smart Contracts using Interface Automata Gabor Madl, Luis Bathen and German Flores; Divyesh Jadav
2. BlendMAS: A BLockchain-ENabled Decentralized Microservices Architecture for Smart Public Safety Ronghua Xu, Seyed Nikouei, Yu Chen; Erik Blasch; Alexander Aved
3. Scalable distributed random number generation based on homomorphic encryption Khuong Nguyen-An, Thanh Nguyen-Van; Anh-Tuan Nguyen, Tien-Dat Le; Minh-Phuoc Nguyen-Ho, Tuong Nguyen-Van; Nhat-Quang Le 
4. Smart Contract-based Secured Business-to-Consumer Supply Chain Systems Feiyang Qu, Hisham Haddad, Hossain Shahriar
Monday 7/15/2019 
08:00-16:00 Registration (in front of Room Georgia 1)    
08:30-09:00 Opening (Capitol North)    
09:00-10:00 Keynote 1: S. S. Iyengar (Chaired by Stephen Yau) (Capitol North)  
10:00-11:00 Keynote 2: C. L. Philip Chen (Chaired by Yi Pan) (Capitol North)  
11:00-11:20 Coffee Break (Capitol Prefunction)    
11:20-12:40 Blockchain-M1 (Atlanta 1) Blockchain-M2 (Atlanta 2)  
12:40-13:40 Lunch (Garen Courtyard)    
13:40-15:00 Blockchain-M3 (Atlanta 1) Blockchain-M4 (Atlanta 2)  
15:00-15:20 Coffee Break (Capitol Prefunction)    
15:20-17:00 Blockchain-M5 (Atlanta 1) Blockchain-M6 (Atlanta 2)  
17:10-18:30 IEEE Cybermatics Summit on Cyber Science and Engineering  
Note: M(Main conference), S(Symposium)    
Blockchain-M1: Attacks on Blockchain
Session Chair: Ivan Homoliak (Singapore University of Technology and Design )
1. TendrilStaller: Block Delay Attack in Bitcoin Matthew Walck; Ke Wang; Hyong Kim
2. Cascading Machine Learning to Attack Bitcoin Anonymity Francesco Zola; Maria Eguimendia; Jan Bruse; Raul Orduna Urrutia
3. Effective scheme against 51% Attack on Proof-of-Work Blockchain with History Weighted Information Xinle Yang; Yang Chen; Xiaohu Chen
4. Data Mining-based Ethereum Fraud Detection Ej Jung; Marion Le Tilly; Ashish Gehani; Yunjie Ge
Blockchain-M2: Blockchain Performance Analysis
Session Chair: Vojislav Misic (Ryerson U. Toronto)
1. A Theoretical Model for Fork Analysis in the Bitcoin Network Yahya Shahsavari; Kaiwen Zhang; Chamseddine Talhi
2. IBFT Liveness Analysis Roberto Saltini
3. Fork Rate-based Analysis of the Longest Chain Growth Time Interval of a PoW Blockchain Hirotsugu Seike; Yasukazu Aoki; Noboru Koshizuka
4. On forks and fork characteristics in a Bitcoin-like distribution network Vojislav B. Mišić; Jelena Mišić; Xiaolin Chang
Blockchain-M3: Hybrid Blockchain Architecture
Session Chair: Vojislav Misic (Ryerson U. Toronto)
1. Privacy-preserving and Efficient Multi-keyword Search Over Encrypted Data on Blockchain Shan Jiang; Jiannong Cao; Julie McCann; Yanni Yang; Yang Liu; Xiaoqing Wang; Yuming Deng
2. A Hybrid Blockchain Architecture for Privacy-Enabled and Accountable Auctions Harsh Desai; Murat Kantarcioglu; Lalana Kagal
3. Access Control for Electronic-Health Records with Hybrid Blockchain-Edge Architecture Hao Guo; Wanxin Li; Mark Nejad; Chien-Chung Shen
4. BlockIPFS - Blockchain-enabled Interplanetary File System for Forensic and Trusted Data Traceability Emmanuel Nyaletey; Reza M. Parizi; Qi Zhang; Kim-Kwang Raymond Choo
Blockchain-M4: Blockchain Protocol
Session Chair: EJ Jung (University of San Francisco)
1. Proteus: A Scalable BFT Consensus Protocol for Blockchains Mohammad Jalalzai; Costas Busch; Golden G. Richard
2. Aurora: a robust and trustless verification and synchronization algorithm for distributed ledgers Federico Matteo Bencic; Ivana Podnar Zarko; Alen Hrga
3. Contract-based Approach for Security Deposit in Blockchain Networks with Shards Jing Li; Tingting Liu; Dusit Niyato; Ping Wang; Jun Li; Zhu Han
4. Deviant: A Mutation Testing Tool for Solidity Smart Contracts Patrick Chapman; Dianxiang Xu; Lin Deng; Yin Xiong
Blockchain-M5: Game Theory and Algorithms in Blockchain
Session Chair: Wei Li (Georgia State University)
1. Bitcoin Mining with Transaction Fees: A Game on the Block Size Jie Wu; Suhan Jiang
2. An Efficient Miner Strategy for Selecting Cryptocurrency Transactions Saulo dos Santos; Ruppa K. Thulasiram; Shahin Kamali; Chukwuocha Chibundo
3. Strategy of Blockchain Dividing Based on Node Community Clustering in Intelligent Manufacturing CPS Suisheng Li; Hong Xiao; Jingwei Qiao; Tao Wang; Shaofeng Liu; Hao Wang
4. Proximity Neighbor Selection in Blockchain Networks Yusuke Aoki; Kazuyuki Shudo
5. Bitcoin Option Pricing Using LSTM-based Prediction Model and Blockchain Statistics Lun Li; Ali Arab; Jiqiang Liu; Jingxian Liu; Zhu Han
Blockchain-M6: Blockchain and IoT
Session Chair: Ruppa Thulasiram (University of Manitoba, Canada)
1. Towards Secure and Decentralized Sharing of IoT Data Hien Thi Thu Truong; Miguel Almeida; Ghassan O. Karame; Claudio Soriente
2. ChainSplitter: Towards Blockchain-based Industrial IoT Architecture for Supporting Hierarchical Storage Gang Wang; Zhijie Shi; Mark Nixon; Song Han
3. A Decentralized, Trust-less Marketplace for Brokered IoT Data Trading using Blockchain Shaimaa Bajoudah; Changyu Dong; Paolo Missier
4. Micro-Accreditation for Matching Employer e-Hire Needs Zachary James Zaccagni; Aditya Paul; Ram Dantu
5. SSP: Self-Sovereign Privacy for Internet of Things using Blockchain and MPC Tiffany Hyun-Jin Kim; Joshua D. Lampkins
Tuesday 7/16/2019 
08:00-16:00 Registration (in front of Room Georgia 1)    
09:00-10:00 Keynote 3: Schahram Dustdar (Chaired by Laurance Yang) (Capitol North)  
10:00-11:00 Keynote 4: Richard Brooks (Chaired by Raj Sunderraman) (Capitol North)  
11:00-11:20 Coffee Break (Capitol Prefunction)    
11:20-12:40 Blockchain-M7 (Atlanta 1) Blockchain-M8 (Atlanta 2) Blockchain-M11 (Atlanta 3)
12:40-13:40 Lunch (Garen Courtyard)    
13:40-15:00 Blockchain-M9 (Atlanta 1) Blockchain-M10 (Atlanta 2)  
15:00-15:20 Coffee Break (Capitol Prefunction)    
15:20-16:40 Blockchain-S1 (Atlanta 1) Blockchain-S2 (Atlanta 2)  
17:00-18:30 IEEE Cybermatics Summit on Blockchain: Advances, Challenges & Applications  
19:00-21:30 Banquet  
Note: M(Main conference), S(Symposium)    
Blockchain-M7: Blockchain Measurement
Session Chair: Stefan Schmid (University of Vienna)
1. A Measurement Study of Bitcoin Lightning Network Yuwei Guo; Jinfeng Tong; Chen Feng
2. Evaluating The Impact of Network Latency on The Safety of Blockchain Transactions Luming Wan; David M Eyers; Haibo Zhang
3. Remote Configuration of Integrated Circuit Features and Firmware Management via Smart Contract Md Nazmul Islam; Sandip Kundu
4. Lockless Transaction Isolation in Hyperledger Fabric Hagar Meir; Artem Barger; Yacov Manevich; Yoav Tock
Blockchain-M8: Applied Cryptography in Blockchain
Session Chair: Meng Han (Kennesaw State University)
1. zk-AuthFeed: How to Feed Authenticated Data into Smart Contract with Zero Knowledge Zhiguo Wan; Zhangshuang Guan; Zhou Yan; Kui Ren
2. Initial Public Offering (IPO) on Permissioned Blockchain using Secure Multiparty Computation Fabrice Benhamouda; Angelo De Caro; Shai Halevi; Tzipora Halevi; Charanjit Jutla; Yacov Manevich; Qi Zhang
3. A Fully Decentralized Time-Lock Encryption System on Blockchain Wei-Jr Lai; Chih-Wen Hsueh; Ja-Ling Wu
4. Breeding Unicorns: Developing Trustworthy and Scalable Randomness Beacons Stefan Schmid; Yvonne-Anne Pignolet; René Rydhof Hansen; Michael Jensen; Sebastian Ro Kristensen; Mathias Sass Michno; Samvid Dharanikota
Blockchain-M9: Blockchain Application I
Session Chair: Vojislav Misic (Ryerson U. Toronto)
1. A Proposal For Account Recovery in Decentralized Applications Yanlin Zhu; Lirong Xia; Oshani Seneviratne
2. DaiMoN: A Decentralized Artificial Intelligence Model Network Surat Teerapittayanon; Ht Kung
3. E2C-Chain: A Two-stage Incentive Education and Employment Certification Blockchain Liyuan Liu; Meng Han; Yiyun Zhou; Reza M. Parizi
4. Ownership preserving AI Market Places using Blockchain Nishant Baranwal Somy; Kalapriya Kannan; Vijay Arya; Sandeep Hans; Abhishek Singh; Pranay Lohia; Sameep Mehta
Blockchain-M10: Blockchain Appication II
Session Chair: Meng Han (Kennesaw State University)
1. Enhancing Blockchain Traceability with DAG-based Tokens Hiroki Watanabe; Tatsuro Ishida; Shigenori Ohashi; Shigeru Fujimura; Atsushi Nakadaira; Kota Hidaka; Junichi Kishigami
2. CoDAG: An efficient and compacted DAG-based blockchain protocol Shu Yang; Ziteng Chen; Laizhong Cui; Mingwei Xu; Zhongxing Ming; Ke Xu
3. Properties of the Tangle for uniform random and random walk tip selection Bartosz Kusmierz; William Sanders; Andreas Penzkofer; Angelo Capossele; Alon Gal
4. Scalable Privacy-Preserving Query Processing Over Ethereum Blockchain Shlomi Linoy; Hassan Mahdikhani; Suprio Ray; Rongxing Lu; Natalia Stakhanova; Ali A. Ghorbani
Blockchain-M11: Permissioned Blockchain
Session Chair: Mark Nejad (University of Delaware)
1. SharPer: Sharding Permissioned Blockchains Over Network Clusters Mohammad Javad Amiri; Divyakant Agrawal; Amr El Abbadi
2. Traceability in Permissioned Blockchain Tatsuo Mitani; Akira Otsuka
3. A Heuristic-based Private Bitcoin Payment Network Formation Using Off-Chain Links Enes Erdin; Mumin Cebe; Kemal Akkaya; Eyuphan Bulut; Selcuk Uluagac
4. TrustChain: Trust Management in Blockchain and IoT supported Supply Chains Sidra Malik; Salil S Kanhere; Raja Jurdak; Volkan Dedeoglu
Blockchain-S1: Blockchain Enhancement I
Session Chair: Jay Kishigami (Muroran -IT)
1. BeaconBlocks: Augmenting Proof-of-Stake with On-Chain Time Synchronization Alexander Hartl; Tanja Zseby; Joachim Fabini
2. Token-based Sharing Control for IPFS Shigenori Ohashi; Hiroki Watanabe; Tatsuro Ishida; Shigeru Fujimura; Atsushi Nakadaira; Junichi Kishigami
3. Hybrid Blockchain Design for Privacy Preserving Crowdsourcing Platform Saide Zhu; Huafu Hu; Yingshu Li; Wei Li
Blockchain-S2: Blockchain Enhancement II
Session Chair: Mark Nejad (University of Delaware)
1. Decentralized & Collaborative AI on Blockchain Justin D Harris; Bo Waggoner
2. FastChain: Scaling blockchain system with informed neighbor selection Ke Wang; Hyong Kim
3. Smart Contract Defense Through Bytecode Rewriting Gbadebo Ayoade; Erick Bauman; Latifur Khan; Kevin Hamlen
Wednesday 7/17/2019 
08:00-14:00 Registration (in front of Room Georgia 1)    
09:00-10:00 Keynote 5: Mohammed Atiquzzaman (Chaired by Zheng Yan) (Capitol North)  
10:00-11:00 Keynote 6: James Irvine (Chaired by Anu Bourgeois) (Capitol North)  
11:00-11:20 Coffee Break (Capitol Prefunction)    
11:20-12:40 Blockchain-S4 (Atlanta 1) Blockchain-S5 (Atlanta 2)  
12:40-13:40 Lunch (Garen Courtyard)    
13:40-15:00 Blockchain-S6 (Atlanta 1) Blockchain-S3 (Atlanta 2)  
Note: M(Main conference), S(Symposium)    
Blockchain-S3: Blockchain Marketplace
Session Chair: Cliff Zou (Univ. Central Florida)
1. Deterministic Sub-Wallet for Cryptocurrencies Hossein Rezaeighaleh; Cliff Zou
2. C2P2: A Collective Cryptocurrency Up/Down Price Prediction Engine Chongyang Bai; Tommy White; Linda Xiao; VS Subrahmanian; Ziheng Zhou
3. Toward a Blockchain-Based Industrial Marketplace for Self-Maintaining Machines Daniel Miehle; Matthias Meyer; Andre Luckow; Bernd Bruegge
4. Blockchain Simulator Carlos Faria; Miguel Correia
Blockchain-S4: Blockchain Platform I
Session Chair: Wei Li (Georgia State University)
1. ArtChain: Blockchain-enabled Platform for Art Marketplace Ziyuan Wang
2. A Decentralized Service-Platform Towards Cross-Domain Entitlement Handling Alexander Rech; Markus Pistauer; Christian Steger
3. BlockV: A Blockchain Enabled Peer-Peer Ride Sharing Service Panchalika Pal; Sushmita Ruj
4. A Permissioned Blockchain based Access Control System for IOT MD Azharul Islam; Sanjay Madria
Blockchain-S5: Blockchain Platform II
Session Chair: Yan Huang (Kennesaw State University)
1. Ensuring Genuineness for Selectively Disclosed Confidential Data using Distributed Ledgers: Applications to Rail Wayside Monitoring Matthias Lohr; Jonathan Hund; Steffen Staab; Jan Jürjens
2. Yugala: Blockchain based Encrypted Cloud Storage for IoT Data Sarada Prasad Gochhayat; Eranga Herath; Sachin Shetty; Peter Foytik
3. EduCoin: Secure and Efficient Payment for MOOC Environment Lingling Lu; Jianhai Chen; Zijun Tian; Qinming He; Butian Huang; Yang Xiang; Zhenguang Liu
4. From Oracles to Trustworthy Data On-chaining Systems Jonathan Heiss; Jacob Eberhardt; Stefan Tai
Blockchain-S6: Blockchain Platform III
Session Chair: Yan Huang (Kennesaw State University)
1. Blockchain-based Charging Coordination Mechanism for Smart Grid Energy Storage Units Mohamed Baza; Mahmoud Nabil; Muhammad Ismail; Mohamed M E A Mahmoud; Erchin Serpedin; Mohammad Ashiqur Rahman
2. A Security Reference Architecture for Blockchains Ivan Homoliak; Sarad Venugopalan; Qingze Hum; Pawel Szalachowski
3. OpBench: A CPU Performance Benchmark for Ethereum Smart Contract Operation Code Amjad Aldweesh; Maher Alharby ; Maryam Mehrnezhad; Aad Van Moorsel
4. Endorsement in Hyperledger Fabric Alessandro Sorniotti; Angelo De Caro; Elli Androulaki; Matthias Neugschwandtner